Have you ever spent hours working on a bodice — building the layers, adding all that trim, making dozens of tiny tabs for the waist and shoulders — just to find out when you put it on that it wrinkles across the front of your bust?

I think we’ve all been there once.

And there are so many reasons it happens.

Often, it’s the changing stress of the bodice across the bust versus just below the bust. Or it’s right where you bend at the waist. Once in a while, it’s the fabric itself that causes the wrinkles. And occasionally, it’s the trim applied to the bodice that causes the wrinkling.

But fret not, my friends! Bodice wrinkles were as problematic to period tailors as they are to us today.

Enjoy these images of wrinkly bodices. 🙂

Everywhere! Bodice Wrinkles


Under-the-Bust Bodice Wrinkles


Waist Bodice Wrinkles

waist wrinkles

Trim-Caused Bodice Wrinkles

trim caused wrinkles

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