Hi! I’m Margaret Roe and I’m a serial historical costumer.

I have spent over 20 years making the Renaissance (and other historical eras’) clothing of my clients’ dreams.

But more than that, I love helping other historical costumers create the head-turning Renaissance clothing of their dreams. It is my favorite part of my work.

I think my love of history has been ingrained in me since birth – and I lived in the perfect place to explore that passion, with the museums and libraries of Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia within an easy drive. And as the daughter and granddaughter of seamstresses, sewing was part of the required curriculum of my youth. So when my friends begged me to help make costumes for the nearby faire, I jumped at the chance!

Little did I know that one simple request would lead me down a path of research and experimentation, and a career I wake up excited each day to pursue.

When my friends made that request, over 20 years ago, information was sparse. There were a few books available, and a couple of websites on the new-fangled internet. It was a huge challenge just to figure out where to find information; planning an entire outfit was daunting.

Today, the information available online and in print is vast and covers more facets of Renaissance clothing than I could have imagined 20 years ago. Now, the biggest question I hear asked is…

Where do I begin?

That’s where this site comes in. I have created this website so you can benefit from my experience and knowledge in making Renaissance clothing. I want to help you navigate your way through the process of researching, designing and producing the Renaissance clothing of your dreams.

Together, we can cut through the information overload so that you can confidently make beautiful, well-fitting and long lasting Renaissance clothing with less struggle, frustration, and just plain less work.

Best of all, you get to learn from all my mistakes without ever making them yourself!

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